Since 2004, we have encouraged our students to participate in the Cambridge Young Learners' English Tests (CYLET), recognized as a bar standard for a child's level of English competency in reading, speaking and writing. Although the Starters CYLET examinations are normally taken by primary school children aged 9 and above, more than 100 of our kindergarten children were able to overcome a 3 year difference to obtain an average score of 12.4 shields out of 15 in 2004. Our students repeated their achievement in 2005 again with more than 100 children scoring an average of 12.9 shields out of 15. We have continued this tradition in 2006 and 2007 and every year since, with each candidate scoring on average 12-13 shields out of 15 (the 80% range). This is a truly remarkable achievement, especially when the global average candidate age is 9.9 years old with an average score of 10 shields out of 15 only.


  Since 2007, we encourage our students to take the Stanford Achievement Tests (10 th series), a leading standard used by school districts in the United States to assess the academic ability of children from kindergarten through high school. One of the features of the Stanford Achievement Tests is compare the individual's results to the results of others in the United States (who may be younger and older than the candidate). The Stanford Achievement Tests determined that our average candidate achieved results equivalent to that of a grade 2 child.


 We are in the process of integrating the standards embodied in the CREST Star Investigator scheme into our curriculum, whereby candidates are expected to think and solve scientific problems through practical investigation. The CREST (CREativity in Science and Technology) scheme is administered by the British Association for the Advance of Science (BA), a learned society founded in 1831 to promote accessibility, public awareness, and accountability in the areas of science and engineering. Needless to say, we will again be the first school in Hong Kong to integrate such standards into our curriculum.

 We know of no kindergarten since that has achieved so much in Hong Kong and it goes without saying that we are extremely proud of our children and their achievement.