We take sports seriously at York. A sport not only keeps kids healthy, it also teaches them the importance of ethics, respect towards others, and grace in victory or defeat. It is with this objective in mind that we have chosen to make Tennis an official sport at our school. With Prince as our technical advisor, we have become the first school in China to develop a specialized tennis curriculum for children from 2-6 years old. With our own specialized mini-tennis courts on campus, all our children are exposed to the fundamentals of the game by the time of graduation.


An important element about music education is learning an instrument. Not only does playing an instrument fosters creativity, it also teaches discipline, concentration, as well as promotes language acquisition especially in young children. That is why we chosen the violin as the official instrument for our school. Like our tennis program, we are the first school in China to adopt violin education as the primary method of teaching music in the pre-primary curriculum. Kids are exposed to the rudiments of violin positions and techniques as well as playing simple compositions in the kindergarten violin ensemble.