We aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. In addition, we strive to build the children's confidence, develop their self-reliance, encourage them to make decisions and develop their ability to articulate feelings and ideas. Our curriculum is taught by a committed professional team whose aim is to make education enjoyable and rewarding for all concerned.


 We place great emphasis in teaching Chinese to the children, in particular, Cantonese as well as Mandarin. The children are introduced to basic Chinese characters which they will learn to pronounce, write and recognize. The language used is kept simple and repeated often and the children are encouraged to improve their language skills through games, songs, stories and activities while having fun with their teacher and friends.


 There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that early childhood is the easiest stage of an individual's life to acquire mastery in a language. To take advantage of this window of opportunity, we implement an enriched English program taught by English native speakers, consisting of both instructional and situational language and literacy experiences, such as small group activities, shared reading sessions and dynamic role-play routines.

 Your child will learn to express him/herself and interact in English. Every child is encouraged to develop a love for the written and spoken word through stories, songs and role play and will be introduced to the alphabet by linking sounds and words to letters.

Our children consistently perform at a very high level. Indeed, more than 100 of our children enrolled in the Primary 3 level of the Cambridge Young Learners' English Test (CYLET) and obtained an average score of 86% (12.9 of our 15 shields). For more information, please visit our page on Academic Achievements.