Art Is Not What You See,
But What You Make Others See.

The aim of our Art program is to help children to develop an
awareness of the world around them and to express their
feelings artistically, using a wide range of techniques and
different types of media. Art is not simply a collection of
skills and techniques, but can act as a bridge across cultures.

Photo Exhibition

Our school has also organized a photo exhibition fundraiser, whereby each of our children was given a disposable camera to take photos of what they loved and hated the most. Our children’s photo collection then went on a tour to schools in London and New York to raise money for UNICEF.

Charity Art Showcase

Here is a life-sized Daruma doll that our children created during their Charity Art Showcase to help fundraise for the Tohoku tsunami disaster. In addition to showing their works on canvas, our children experimented with different mediums such as clay, paper-mache and other materials to exercise their creativity. After showcasing their pieces inspired by masters such as Keith Harring, Jackson Pollock and Claude Monet, the children sent the giant Daruma to the Japanese embassy to express their support for those affect by the disaster. The ambassador personally received the children and was very touched by the disaster.