Where Words Fail, Music Speaks


It is said that one cannot truly appreciate music without knowing how to first make it. With the support of the National College of Music, London, we are the first school in China to adopt violin education as the primary method of teaching music in kindergarten.

We expose children to a wide range of musical experiences in the rudiments of music theory, melody, pitch, and rhythm, through listening, mini-concerts and games. All of our students are exposed to the rudiments of violin positions and techniques as well as playing simple compositions in our kindergarten ensemble by the time they graduate.

In addition to our music, our school places great emphasis on dance to help children learn rhythm and coordination while developing spatial awareness at the same time.



Ballroom Dance Team

We curren the Hong Kong Ballroom Dancing Council to lead our School Ballroom Dance Team. The children build upon the rudiments they learnt during normal class to focus on key skills like the sidestep and posture.

Christmas Ball

Every year, our 4 year old children dress up on formal wear and perform the Waltz, the Cha-Cha-Cha, the Flemenco, and other ballroom dances at our annual ball. In true ballroom fashion, the boys have to ask the girls to dance, with the permission of the girl’s parents, or course.