Science at York is challenging. Our kids have dug up dinosaurs bones, talked to astronauts, and talked to researchers at Cambridge University. We do all that we can to make sure our kids are always one step ahead.

We have long since integrated the standards embodied in the CREST Star Investigators scheme and the CREST awards into our science curriculum. The CREST awards scheme, administered by the British Association for the Advancement of Science, encourages children to discuss, solve problems and share experiences while investigating scientific phenomena through practical investigations.

Since 2007, most of our children elect to take the Stanford Achievement Tests (10th edition), whereby they are measured against candidates of all ages across the United States. Many of our high achieving children regularly match the achievements of grade 2 children. It is for this reason that close to 100 of our children got enrolled in Stanford University’s Education Program for Gifted Youth, a math enrichment initiative for motivated, talented and high achieving students all around the world.

What do we do during science?


Space Camp


In addition to learning about the planets and training in pools to simulate zero-gravity training, we were able to arrange for 4 time NASA astronaut Professor Thomas to have videoconference workshops with the children and share his experience about going into space.

Cambridge Link


We are the first school in Hong Kong to have been invited by the University of Cambridge to participate in a three-day videoconference with three primary schools to explore the solar system.


Dinosaur Camp


To re-create the experience of an authentic archeological dig, we hid replica dinosaur fossils at the beach and let the children scan for the NFC tags attached to hidden bones under the sand using their mobile phones.