Tournaments End. Dedication Doesn’t.


We believe that school is not all about academics. There are many lessons that cannot be learned in the classroom, things like teamwork, sportsmanship and determination. To this end, we teach tennis, golf, and archery as part of our normal P.E. curriculum. We are still in the process of integrating horse riding into our normal curriculum as well.



With the support of Prince Tennis, the world’s foremost tennis equipment manufacturer, we have developed our own specialized tennis curriculum to make sure that all of our 4 year old children get exposed to the fundamentals of the sport. Just like our School Ballroom Dancing Team, children gifted in the tennis may be selected into our kindergarten’s Tennis Team, where they can concentrate on taking their game to the next level.


Our school team works with the Hong Kong Golf Association, training regularly each season to perfect their grip, strike and control. In additional to honing their skills, our children play games regularly, with the best of them competing annually for the coveted 1st place at the York Golf Championship.



To help with the children’s focus and concentration, we teach the children archery in normal P.E. lessons. We teach the children foundational skills such as breathing, gripping, aiming, drawing, nocking, etc.